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29 March
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I am as my friend Abby would say the social f***-up your parents warned you about and then promptly told you to stay away from. Lol. My favorite colors are green/orange/black/and purple. I have a slightly unhealthy addiction to Power Rangers fanfiction and the old school anime Sailor Moon. Most of my fanfiction are written in one of these categories. I love the show Supernatural - Jared Padaleki. I have this bad tendency to end all statements with that is all or das woot!!!, my friends do it too. I love supernatural romance, manga and anime, manga more so. I read everything and that habit alone is partially why I am in debt. I am a college graduate with a BA in History and a double minor in Women's Studies/International Studies. Currently am a Children's/Young Adults Librarian (so love my job!) I have a tendency to be a spazz and more often an not I am entirely too clumsy for the safety of the rest of the world - I have tripped over air, that is all. All in all I'm not very interesting (at least I don't think so.) :-S But if you friend me, it's very likely that I will friend you back. :-)

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